• We are continuing to clean and sanitize our facility with registered antimicrobial products that are approved by the EPA. Our pledge to our customers: We will provide a safe and healthy environment!
  • We are adhering to environmental cleaning and disinfection recommendations by the CDC.
  • We are educating our team daily to increase preventative measures and to reduce their risks. Our team will be wearing face masks and coverings during the time they’re on duty.
  • We are ensuring all working members of our team are healthy and should they be sick, they will not be in physical contact with our valued customers or other team members.
  • In order to minimize direct contact, we’ve made and continue to make our process electronic (24/7, electronic reservations, contracts, payments, etc) to reduce direct hand-to-hand contact and increase our customers satisfaction during the visit.
  • We will continue to offer customer-friendly policies that allow for the changing of booking dates and even cancellations, should the need arise.