● All games will be played at Quad Indoor Sports 2454 Oakton St. Evanston, IL 60202.

● Players must be 18+ years or older. No current high school students allowed.

● 7 games plus playoffs.

● Register an entire team or register as an individual and be placed on a team.

● Roster minimum 10 roster maximum 15.


● 7v7

● Flag Football Rules apply

● 20 min halves running clock (Clock will stop for timeout/injury). In the final minute of each half clock will stop for penalties, first downs, incomplete passes, if offensive ball carrier goes out of bounds.

● 30 second play clock (Play clock starts when official sets the ball).

● 2 time outs per half (Timeouts do not roll-over).

● Field Dimensions 56 yards x 32 yards

● 6 points for touchdown. 1 point conversion attempt (5 yards), 2 point conversion attempt (10 yards). 2 points for safety.

● 2 certified officials.

● Coin toss to determine who starts with ball. Winning team can elect to have it in the first half or second half.


1. 4 downs+ 1 first down opportunity at mid-field.

2. Offense and defense must have 7 players on the field at all times.

3. All players must wear league approved flags. We will provide the flags.

4. All players must bring and wear their own mouth guards.

5. All snaps must be from shotgun (4+ yards). No under center snaps.

6. Each team will be responsible for bringing their own footballs for use in

game and warm-ups.

7. No contact blocking (You are allowed to set screens/Defenders must go

around screens).

8. Rushing is allowed (From 7 yard distance marked by cone).

9. QB can run only after rusher crosses the line of scrimmage.

10. Offense must have 3 players on line-of-scrimmage (Center counts as 1).

11. Normal football rules apply to motion (No forward motion).

12. Pass and run plays both allowed.

13. Offense must give defense opportunity to substitute.

14. No overtime during regular season games.

15. No outdoor cleats. Turf shoes or tennis shoes only.

16. No Kick-offs

17. No Punting – 4th down elections to punt gives ball to the opponent at their own 20 yd line.


● Quad Indoor Sports maintains a zero-tolerance policy for fighting. Fighting will NOT be tolerated at Quad Indoor Sports. If you engage in a physical confrontation during the course of a game you will be ejected from the game, the league, and you will not be given a refund. Your team will also forfeit the game.

● Pass interference (D): 10 yard penalty and automatic first down.

● Pass interference (O): 10 yard penalty and loss of down.

● Holding (O or D): 10 yard penalty.

● Offside (O or D): 5 yard penalty.

● Illegal formation: 5 yard penalty and loss of down (See Rule #10 above)

● Illegal forward pass (QB crosses L.O.S): 5 yard penalty loss of down.

● Delay of game (O): 5 yard penalty and loss of down.

● Contact blocking or tackling: 15 yard penalty and warning. The second instance will result in ejection.

● Flag guarding: 10 yard penalty from spot of foul.

● Un-sportsman like conduct: 15 yard penalty and warning. Two un-sportsman like conduct penalties in a game constitutes an ejection.


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